Anti-Aging services offered in Anchorage, AK

Anti-aging treatments can flatten your skin’s creases or remove some of the age spots that accumulate with time. At Anchorage Dermatology & Cosmetics in Anchorage, Alaska, skin experts Courtney Bagayoko, MD, FAAD, Roy E. Howard, PA-C, and the expert team provide quality treatments with a high level of training to give you stunning anti-aging results. Quickly and easily schedule your appointment online, or call the office to schedule your visit today.

What is meant by anti-aging treatments?

Anti-aging treatments are procedures and services for your skin that minimize or eliminate signs of aging, such as wrinkles, lines, and discoloration. Everyone’s skin ages eventually, which may leave you not liking the way it looks. 

Fortunately, plenty of advanced anti-aging services are available at Anchorage Dermatology & Cosmetics to brighten, tighten, and improve your skin’s appearance. The team reviews your goals, examines your skin, and makes personalized treatment recommendations.

What are my anti-aging treatment options?

Anchorage Dermatology & Cosmetics offers multiple anti-aging treatment options.The highly-trained team delivers the best possible results. Your options include:

Intense pulsed light (IPL)

IPL is a treatment for skin spots and discoloration that uses a flashy type of light to disperse the pigment particles within your skin. It can also provide a tightening effect. 

Chemical peels

Chemical peels strip away the dead and dull skin cells from the surface to reveal the more youthful and smooth cells underneath. Getting chemical peels increases the rate of cell turnover, so you can enjoy younger-looking skin for a while. 


Dermabrasion physically scrapes irregularities away from your skin’s surface using a rough handheld device. 


Anchorage Dermatology & Cosmetics offers two different types of anti-aging injectables: Botox® for fine lines and dermal fillers for deep wrinkles and contour irregularities. 

You can get a single anti-aging treatment or several within a comprehensive care plan. 

How can I maintain the results of anti-aging treatments?

Many anti-aging treatment results are on a timeline either because your skin continues to age after them or because they simply offer temporary results. You can keep your skin looking as beautiful and youthful as possible by practicing diligent skin care and avoiding some of the factors that cause your skin to age more quickly. 

The team at Anchorage Dermatology & Cosmetics recommends:

  • Eating a nutritious, balanced diet
  • Avoiding direct sunlight
  • Using sunscreen every day
  • Avoiding tanning beds
  • Staying hydrated
  • Developing a personalized skin care routine with quality products
  • Drinking less alcohol
  • Not smoking

The team may have additional recommendations based on your lifestyle. They might also recommend getting touch-ups with certain anti-aging treatments. 

Are you ready to learn more about the selection of anti-aging treatments available at Anchorage Dermatology & Cosmetics? Schedule an appointment by phone or use the convenient online scheduling tool today.