Hair Loss

Hair Loss

Hair Loss services offered in Anchorage, AK

Hair loss can occur from several underlying conditions, such as stress or improper hair care tactics. At Anchorage Dermatology & Cosmetics in Anchorage, Alaska, Courtney Bagayoko, MD, FAAD, MPH, Roy E. Howard, PA-C, and the professional team provide hair loss treatments to encourage your hair to grow back naturally. Many patients schedule an appointment once they notice their hair is thinning or falling out. To schedule your consultation, call the office or book an appointment online quickly and easily today.

What causes hair loss?

Hair loss happens naturally with age for many people. For others, it’s a symptom of an illness, a side-effect of a medication, or the consequence of their hair care strategies. It can also happen because of major stress in your life. 

No matter why you’re losing your hair, the team at Anchorage Dermatology & Cosmetics can examine your scalp and diagnose the underlying cause. They can also determine your type of hair loss and recommend a suitable treatment for you. 

How is hair loss diagnosed?

Hair loss can happen in different patterns and different degrees. You might not realize you’re losing your hair for a while if the hair loss disperses across your scalp. 

Common signs of hair loss include:

  • Receding hairline
  • Thinning of the hair on the scalp over time
  • Circular bald spot at the crown of your head
  • Sudden loss of patches of hair
  • Loss of hair on the body


During your first appointment, the team evaluates your concerns and asks questions about your lifestyle, medications, recent illnesses, general health, and family history. They also examine your scalp or the hair loss area.

For some patients, especially women, the team uses blood work to know your hormone levels and learn about your overall health before proceeding with your personalized hair loss treatment plan. 

How is hair loss treated?

The team can treat your hair loss from the office or recommend home treatments for you to use. The most common hair loss treatments provided at Anchorage Dermatology & Cosmetics are:

Laser treatments

An in-office procedure uses handheld devices such as brushes and combs that emit laser light. The laser light heats your follicles to stimulate hair growth. 


Commonly known as Rogaine®, this topical application is highly effective and the only hair regrowth product that is FDA-approved for both men and women.


If inflammation or an underlying medical issue is causing your hair loss, a corticosteroid injection into your scalp reduces the swelling and may promote healthy hair restoration.  

Hair transplantation

The team removes and reuses skin with healthy hair growth. They implant the harvested follicles on the areas of your scalp with reduced hair growth.

For more information on hair loss or to schedule an appointment, call the office or request an appointment online, which is quick and easy.